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Deborah Ray-Sims

Access to the expert guidance of Evette Vargas, and real time Interaction with fellow writers, exposed me to the dynamics that occurs within a writers room. By completing the "Writing the TV Show Bible" lab, I now have a professional TV Show Bible that I can present with confidence!

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Rosser Goodman

Taking Evette's class has changed my life and perspective on all things TV writing. Coming in as a feature film writer I really always wanted to know about the writers' room, TV bibles and how to write a TV pilot - but never found the right class or right instructor. Evette and her classes are exactly what I was looking for, but never dreamed I could find.

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Alfred Robbins

As a result of knowledge I gained in The Writers Room 5050 Pitch Class, I was able to pitch my idea to a literary agent who is now representing me. The Writers Room 5050 was instrumental in teaching me how to pitch and present a Film or Television project.


Shea E. Butler

Walk, don’t run, to The Writers Lab 50/50. If you want to elevate your game, make your diamonds in the rough sparkle, join Evette Vargas in these Labs. I’ve taken two and will be signing up for more. The tools and information you acquire will stand you in good stead throughout your career. An added bonus… the amazing storytellers you meet!

Screen Shot 2020-06-14 at 7.36.56 AM - T

Tyson Turrou

Evette's knowledge and passion for film and TV, coupled with specific steps and weekly assignments created the perfect practical learning space with which to create a pitch that can actually be used for your project. You will not only walk away with usable material, but a new network of focused, supportive associates.

ShimPic6 - Michael Golodini.jpg

Michael Golodini

As a new writer, I got equipped with all the right tools to create the first draft of my pilot. Evette is a fantastic teacher who truly inspires to do your best work! Also, the Pitching lab prepared me a great deal for a kick ass pitch. I've never been more ready to share my story!

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