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The Writers Room 5050 Launches Official Store

The Writers Room 5050 Foundation is proud to announce the launch of its official store. The merchandise consists of premium, branded T-shirts, tops and hoodies. The sales proceeds will support The Writers Room 5050 scholarships for underrepresented storytellers, which will be applied to The Writers Room 5050 labs, programs and fellowships.

The Writers Room 5050 Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to educating and mentoring underrepresented storytellers for next-level success in television, streaming and film. Through our robust offering of education and industry opportunities, we aim to level the playing field in entertainment for all: women, BIPOC, LGBTQIA+, as well as disabled, elder, and veteran creators.

The Writers Room 5050 alumni are highly sought after by networks, studios, producers and representatives, seeking talent that is ready to compete in the marketplace.

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