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The BIPOC Writers Fellowship Semi-Finalists Announced

The Writers Room 5050 in partnership with Level 4 Press is proud to introduce its 12-week adaptation lab: Adapting Books for the Screen. The Level 4 Press catalogue and vast IP library, spanning various genres, is providing the books to be adapted for the screen.

The fellowship will focus on adapting a book into a screenplay, the release of fictional feature films for theatrical, streaming, and television movies-of-the-week (MOWs). In the process, BIPOC writers will learn the highest industry standards for developing, writing, financing and producing an adapted feature film project. Each fellow will adapt one Level 4 Press book of their choosing into a feature film screenplay.

The Writers Room 5050 and Level 4 Press are working with top executives, writers, representatives and guest speakers to provide mentorship, feedback, and firsthand industry knowledge. Executives and reps from Anthony Hemingway Productions, CAA, NBC/Universal, among others.

Congratulations to the Semi-Finalists of the BIPOC Writers Fellowship! The competition was extremely competitive.


Andrew Liou

Regina Louise

Aaron Wong

Dion Watkins

Sean Cardinalli

Eileen Soong

Yvette Sams

Diana Romero

Michael Villalobos

Diana Densmore

Shonteria Gibson

Gregory Lemmons

Patrice Williams Marks

Rodney Wilkins

Ajani Jackson

Shawna Baca

Joshua Lewis

Allamaprabhu Pattanashetty

Camika Spencer

Amechi Ngwe

La'Chris Jordan

Pallavi Yetur

Jade Jenise Dixon

Veialu Aila-Unsworth

Ronald McCants

Samuel C. Morrison

Nti Aning

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