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Evette Vargas Brings Advocacies to Life With The Writers Room 5050 Foundation, Inc.

Published in The American Reporter, March 10th, 2021

by Jennifer Ross

Every now and then, life would throw hard punches to test how dedicated and committed aspirants are in the pursuit of their goals. Through these hardships and obstacles, one is compelled to step up and bounce back. In the case of Evette Vargas, the esteemed founder of The Writers Room 5050 Foundation, Inc., it was shown how powerful one’s perseverance and determination are in the face of challenges.

On a mission to share her creative vision with the world, award-winning writer Evette Vargas uses her craft to speak her truth. Immensely fueled by the desire to make a meaningful impact, this visionary leader intends to touch as many lives as possible with her heartwarming stories and striking messages. Through her works and outputs, she sends across the message that every voice matters. True enough, The Writers Room 5050 Foundation, Inc. is the perfect platform where people are heard and seen.

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